10 Cigar Publications To Follow Now

There are many cigar reviewers, blogs, and news sources to get your cigar information from. We help point you to 10 of our favorites. Each one offers something unique and may be the right fit for you. So in no particular order, here they are. 

Cigar Coop - www.cigar-coop.com

Rumor free, teaser free, daily industry cigar news. That's right, daily. Cigar Coop is becoming one of the most trusted sources of information in the cigar industry. In addition to news and written reviews, their industry-focused podcast, Prime Time, which airs every Thursday, includes exclusive interviews and live panel discussions. 

Thick Ash Cigar Magazine - www.ThickAsh.com 

Thick Ash Magazine is an online publication that was started by cigar smokers for cigar smokers. Thick Ash strives to bring you the best articles, stories, and entertainment in the cigar industry. We love to smoke, we love to entertain, and most of all we love cigars. We feature products, news, art, reviews and anything cigar related. 

CigarNoise - www.cigarnoise.com 

CigarNoise not only provides great industry info, it is highly entertaining. Subscribe to CigarNoise weekly, and it will make you laugh, guaranteed. With an excellent production team and hilarious commentators, this is cigar related entertainment at its best. 

Blind Man's Puff -  www.blindmanspuff.com

A truly interesting approach to cigar reviewing, with blind reviews conducted by a panel of reviewers. Cigars are sent unbanded to be reviewed by a panel of cigar aficionados from across North America. From Blind Man's Puff: 

"The whole idea of this site is to get a consensus on a cigar from multiple experienced reviewers without them knowing what they are smoking. Often people have preconceived notions about cigars, whether good or bad, based on their brand or vitola." - BlindMansPuff.com 

Smooth Draw Reviews - www.smoothdrawcigars.com

Your one-stop-shop for in-depth cigar reviews, hard-to-find boutique cigars, and industry news. See a cigar you like? They also have a shop. 

Halfwheel - http://halfwheel.com/

Halfwheel is the go-to for cigar industry news, insider info, and reviews. As they put it - "There are plenty of shop owners who start their day with coffee, a cigar and [halfwheel's] daily morning emails". 

Cigar Audit - www.cigaraudit.com 

Cigar Audit takes the opinions of cigar lovers with a range of experiences, from novices to experienced cigar hands, giving different points of view. Not only do they review unique boutique cigars, they also review Cuban cigars and cigar accessories.  

Tuesday night Cigar Club - tuesdaynightcigarclub.com

While many review sites tend to suggest drink pairings with cigars, the TNCC podcast pairs all that - with a movie. Like cigarnoise, it's highly entertaining and a great listen for those long car rides. 

Developing Palates - www.developingpalates.com

Pay attention to the fascinating rating scale on this cigar review site and podcast! The idea behind it is this: so many cigars out there have the same ratings, but are they truly equal? Instead of giving the different aspects of a cigar equal weight in the final score, certain factors weigh heavier. The breakdown is follows: Each Thirds Flavor – 21%. "We feel flavor should be the biggest factor in the rating of a cigar, and that is why the weighting is so high." Burn – 6%: "Although burn can have a major effect on the experience, especially if it just won’t burn, we think too many people get caught up on whether the burn line is razor sharp." Draw contributes 9% and the "Overall" category another 22%.  

Cigar Hawk Blog - cigarhawkblog.wordpress.com

Cigar Hawk is a one man show with a highly entertaining writing style. He is an up and coming blogger based in Arizona, with a great knowledge of the local cigar landscape. 

CigarSmoke.net - Cigarsmoke.net

Cigarsmoke.net offers unbiased reviews as all cigars are purchased by the reviewers, and with a new, stricter rating system implemented, it is an excellent resource for honest reviews. 

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