Alpha Cigar Co. San Andres Maduro Rated 92 points on Cigar and Spirits Magazine

Dec, 2016

The November-December 2016 issue of Cigar and Spirits magazine saw the release of a blind tasting of several Alpha Cigar Co. cigars by the Cigar and Spirits magazine tasting panel. The results conclusively showed that Alpha Cigar produces some of the finest infused cigars available to the market today. With a 92 rating, the Alpha San Andres Maduro scored a 92, making it the world's most highly rated infused cigar by any major publication. 

About the tasting panel from Cigar and Spirits Magazine:

"The Cigar & Spirits Tasting panel isn’t a new concept; in fact, the tasting panel itself has a strict process that is followed for each cigar that is rated by Cigar & Spirits Magazine – a process which is steeped in the traditions that our industry has come to expect over the years.

First off, every cigar that is received for review is un-banded and then affixed with a plain numbered band. Our scoring official is the only one who knows what each cigar is, and she’s responsible for compiling and averaging each tasting panel members scoring cards.

Tasting panel members smoke and rate each cigar based on a set of characteristics designed to assign a numerical grade based on how well the cigar is constructed, how well it was blended and its overall desirability."

Link to Cigar and Spirits magazine: 

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