Announcing the launch of "Akvavit"

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Alpha Cigar Co. is announcing the launch of its newest cigar line, the Akvavit Series. 

As an international brand representing many nationalities, we have decided to honor our Scandinavian co-workers by creating a cigar infused with the traditional distilled beverage of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden: Akvavit (Also spelled Aquavit). It is a spirit that is distilled from grains, and the herbs caraway and dill. It is from this beverage, dating back to the 16th century, that the new series takes its name. 

Following its strict commitment to premium infusions using spirits made from natural ingredients, Alpha Cigar Co. has decided to partner with a distillery based on the Danish island of Bornholm, where the liquor is made from locally sourced dill and caraway harvested from the rocky cliffs that line the island's many fjords. The harvesting itself is done by local bachelorettes to guarantee the purity of the final product.

The finished akvavit is aged in barrels made from birch planks that are vigorously hammered together by local coopers. Head cooper Hardy Anker claims that "The white bark of the birch tree symbolizes the purity of the beverage lying within, and the sweet sap of our island's trees makes a nice flavor." 

Alpha Cigar co-founders Tim Cavenagh and Justin Hansen hope that these flavors will contribute a subtle complexity to the tobacco blend they have in mind. 

"Using Scandinavian tobacco, if such a plant exists, was out of the question," notes Cavenagh. "From our extensive research we've found that Dominicans and Danes get along quite well, so we are pairing the akvavit with our proprietary blend of Olor Dominicano, a Dominican Republic native seed tobacco we use as a binder, and an undisclosed mixture of cuban-seed long filler tobacco grown in the DR. The wrapper, which we have found much success with in complementing the subtleties of fine spirits is the San Andres Claro."

Following elemental concepts in Scandinavian design, the new cigar will come in a modular and simplistic vitola. "We want our cigars to be stackable, with square edges, so that they can be stored away unassumingly in the corners of the humidor", quotes Hansen. "Sticking your neck out or acting special is not the Scandinavian way, so we've decided to create a cigar that will fit perfectly in the furthest corner of your humidor. Hopefully, with time, you will rediscover these elegantly infused cigars at the back of the humidor after some aging, and the result will be a pleasant delight for the senses".  

The cigar is scheduled for release at the next IPCPR conference in Las Vegas in July 2017. 



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