Is Denver the best cigar city? Colorado Cigar Life Part 2

Besides being blessed with the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, a mega cigar festival (see part 1 of this series), and friendly lounges, Denver has all the right ingredients for an amazing and smokey vacation, where everything is "craft", including coffee, local absinthes, and yes, Absinthe Infused cigars by Alpha Cigar company.


Coffee and cigars go hand in hand as facilitators for thought, conversation, and relaxation. Seattle may claim to be the best coffee town in the land, but roasters in Denver will give it a run for the money. Boyers Coffee has been making coffee for over 50 years in a 1944-built roaster, which still churns out coffee that not only tastes delicious but will have you battle ready in no time. 


Yes, Colorado makes excellent Absinthe. Consider trying a local Absinthe made by Overland Distillery, Trinity Absinthe, to pair with an Alpha Cigar. A rich and herbaceous Absinthe that is perfect when served with ice water and a sugar cube, Trinity is made with Grand Wormwood grown at altitudes and climates that mimic the environment of the Jura mountains of France, where Wormwood for traditional absinthe is cultivated. The name "Trinity" comes from the "Holy Trinity of Absinthe", which are the three main ingredients and flavor profiles in Absinthe: Anise, Wormwood and Fennel. Alpha Cigar Company's logo, the three headed beast Cerberus, also represents this trinity. 

Absinthe Infused Cigars

Alpha Cigar Co. is currently purveyor to three fine establishments in Colorado: Lincoln Wine and Spirits in Englewood and The Clip Joint in the Denver area, and Durango Smokeshop in Durango, near the New Mexico border. The Clip Joint is a smoke-friendly barbershop that also offers beers and the occasional poker tournament. A clip and a cigar at this joint is a must when you are in the Denver area! 

Craft Brewers

Nothing beats a good brew to cleanse the palate for a cigar tasting. In the next part of our series on Colorado cigar life, Alpha Cigar's Colorado Rep, James Sorlin-Davis, will give us some insight into the craft beer culture of Colorado and beer & cigar pairing suggestions. Be sure to subscribe to Alpha Cigar's newsletter for the upcoming article and company news!


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