Keep your humidor humidified with Boveda packs

Bovedas are a great way to keep your humidor at exactly the right humidity level. Buy them from your local tobacconist or from Alpha Cigar Company uses them in the storage of our cigars, and so should you. Here are some frequently asked questions about Boveda, from Boveda. 

From Boveda:

5 Common Questions we get About Using Boveda for Tobacco Storage:


How do I choose the right number of Boveda?

We recommend using at least one 60 gram Boveda per 25 cigars your humidor holds, even if it isn’t full. The air space and wood still needs proper humidification. Boveda will never humidify beyond the RH printed on the pack, so using more than the minimum will work more efficiently and need less frequent replacement. That means you never buy more Boveda than you need, they just last longer. Boveda has a 2 year shelf life when left closed in the original packaging. Even in the 20-pack brick.


What humidity level do I need?

Boveda is available in 62, 65, 69, 72, 75 and 84% RH (exclusively for seasoning). All Boveda are accurate to +/- 1% of the RH printed on the pack in an air-tight environment. Humidors are not air tight. Depending on humidor quality and ambient conditions, it’s not uncommon for the actual RH to stabilize anywhere a few points below the Boveda RH you’ve chosen. This is why we recommend 72% for your first set after seasoning. If it’s 72 on the nose, you’re perfect. If it drops a few points, you’re still perfect. Based on how your humidor performs, you can decide whether to move to up or down.


Did you know you can season your humidor with Boveda?

Seasoning is the act of giving the humidor all the water it needs. Wiping a humidor down or using glasses of water is dangerous. Nothing good happens quickly in cigars. The 100% safe way to season uses one 84% 60g Boveda for every 25 cigar capacity the humidor holds - for 2 weeks. Don’t forget to remove your cigars during seasoning. While the humidor seasons, keep your cigars in a Humidor Bag or in Tupperware with a 60g of 62-72 RH. Learn more about seasoning


Can Boveda directly touch my tobacco?

Absolutely. Boveda is 100% safe to lay on / in / amongst your tobacco. To further class up your humidor, we have single metal holders or two and four pack cedar holders.


Why shouldn’t I use Boveda with other humidification devices?

Boveda was designed as a stand-alone 2-way moisture control. When you introduce a wet sponge, crystal, gel or beads, Boveda is absorbing the very high humidity given off by these 1-way humidification devices, giving you mixed results. Just use at least one Boveda per 25 cigar capacity for perfect and predictably precise results.


When do I know when they need to be replaced?

All Boveda will turn into a solid wafer when they’re dead. So it’s short of that, when there aren’t many soft spots left, that you’ll want to replace them. Pronounced crystallization and hardening of the corners first is completely normal. Our convenient AutoShip Program can make your re-ordering completely hands-free.


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