Kevin Useni: Actor, Entrepreneur, Alpha Cigar Smoker.

Kevin Useni is without a doubt a young contender for the replacement of the Most Interesting Man in the World. Actor, entrepreneur, and a former Marine, Kevin is an all-round alpha male and a cigar enthusiast. Alpha Cigar Co. wanted to learn more about this beacon of hope for the Millenial generation and cigar smoking traditions. 

Kevin Useni Alpha Cigar Forbes

Alpha Cigar: You are an actor and entrepreneur - or actorpreneur. Tell us about some of the projects you have going on? Anything Cigar related? 

Kevin: I just finished my most recent project here in Chicago called "The Pages" (2018), a political thriller directed by Joe Chapelle starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tika Sumpter. Interestingly enough, the director was very intrigued and asked to meet me personally at his Evanston home to fill a role that he was very picky about. Although I can't spoil the movie, it's going to really keep you at the edge of your seat. 

I haven't necessarily done a project directly related to cigars but I definitely have a cigar during every project and on set! It's something that relaxes and calms me and helps find the character in me as an actor. 


Alpha Cigar: You were recently mentioned by Forbes Magazine for the 30 under 30 summit, with a photo of an Alpha Cigar in your hand. How did you get to that point in your life? 

Kevin: Well I wouldn't say I'm a made man just yet but yes, I did get the opportunity to be mentioned by Forbes and I wouldn't have done it with any other cigar. 

I have an incredible passion I have for Entrepreneurship and I'm glad I started at a young age. I was fortunate enough to find myself a great business mentor I met with on a weekly basis while I was in the military. I'm currently a real estate investor and I'm always looking for other entrepreneurs an business ideas to collaborate with. With all of this going on, a nice stogie is absolutely necessary to find your sanity! 

Alpha Cigar: When did you develop an appreciation for fine cigars? Was it in the Marines?

Kevin: My cigar journey began at the wee-bit age of 14. Not at the scale or rate that it's grown to but that's when I experimented with my first cigars. My passion and excitement grew gradually over the years and really sky rocketed during my time in the Marines, specifically while I was stationed in Pensacola, Florida. Life in the Corps was a very spartan-like lifestyle. So cigars was something I always looked forward to when I was winding down and relaxing on my off time. 

I discovered a brick and mortar called Cordova Cigars in Pensacola and this is where my love for cigars truly began. This shop was my home away from home. It was my first time experience cigar shop "family" and getting acquainted with the cigar world. 

Alpha Cigar: How did you come to discover Alpha Cigar - and what’s your favorite? 

Kevin: I discovered the Alpha Cigar while at Ultimate Cigar Lounge in Villa Park, IL. I had to buy one because I'm co-owner of a lifestyle brand called Alpha Flex. So it seemed meant to smoke. After my first one, I got hooked. 

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