New review and Feature by Cigars & Leisure Magazine

Alpha Cigar Company is proud to be in the Fall Humidor of Cigars and Leisure Magazine! 

Here's a snippet of the article featuring our brand: 

"What a surprising smoke this was. There is such a stigma surrounding infused cigars, but I don’t see what the hullabaloo is about. They are damn good. The Connecticut is Alpha Cigar’s debut blend. It’s creamy and very well-balanced with hints of citrus and spice. Tim Cavenagh, founder of Alpha Cigar Company, told me there are notes of pine and hay in it as well, and after he told me, I definitely noticed them. He explained how they lightly infuse a single leaf in each cigar with premium French absinthe prior to rolling." 

-Brian Ledtke, Cigars and Leisure magazine

Thanks to all of the #AlphaFamilia and greater cigar community for supporting us, and getting us to where we are today! For a link to the article, please click here. 

Stay smokey and Long Ashes,

Alpha Management 

Alpha Cigar Company Absinthe Infused Connecticut

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