Q&A with our new Ohio Brand Manager

If you are in Ohio and looking for Alpha Cigar, Erick is the man to meet. 

Meet AlphaCigar Erick, our new Ohio Brand Manager. His territories will cover OH, and parts of PA and West Virginia. A stand-up Brother of the Leaf, Distinguished Ruffian, and all-American badass, Erick is the man to contact if you or your local tobacconist needs to stock up on the world's finest infused cigars. Below are a few questions we asked him so everyone can get to know him better. Welcome to the Alpha Cigar Team, Erick! If you are an Ohioan looking for Alpha Cigar, contact him here. 



What was your first cigar or experience with cigars?
I've always enjoyed the aroma of cigars, but really never knew anything about them. My first cigar was a Swisher Sweet, or what I like to call starter cigars. It smelled faintly of what I thought a good cigar should smell like and was overly sweet. As I got older I decided to try the cigar route again and made a trip to my local Tobacconist. It was then I got an education on cigars. I bought a few varieties and found that I preferred a Connecticut shade cigar over anything else. My love of Absinthe and a good cigar eventually put me at your doorstep!


How do you see Alpha Cigar Co. cigars fitting in your territory’s market?
The Mid Ohio Valley has changed and is continuing to change. We have a lot of Micro Breweries, golf courses, fairs, street festivals and I always see a lot of people enjoying cigars. I go to my local shop and talk to the guys there. They love the classics, but like the craft beer movement they love to try new things. A lot of the local bars have started to carry Absinthe, a lot of people are interested in trying Absinthe and Absinthe related products. Chocolate shops have started to make Absinthe truffles and chocolates. I feel Alpha will be welcomed here!


What are your hobbies or passions?
I love to travel, experience new places, new foods and new cultures. I'm a history buff, so any chance I get to travel somewhere new is great. I hate to use the term foodie, but it fits the bill. I love to cook love to eat. If I had to pick a favorite food I would have to say Mexican. You can't go wrong with good Mexican food. I'm also a gun enthusiast. I love a good range day and have a nice little collection.


What is the greatest dream you hope to achieve? 
Finally I would have to say my greatest dream would be to finish my degree work and open my own Cigar bar and lounge. Something that I can call my own and pass down to my family in the future.
Contact Erick at: AlphaCigar_Erick@outlook.com 

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