Alpha Cigar Colorado Cigar Life Series I: Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival

We sent our Colorado Rep, James Sorlin Davis, to check out the scene at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival. Could Denver be the best cigar destination in the world? Stay tuned and subscribe for our upcoming series on cigar life in Colorado. Let's get started with James' recap on the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival: 

Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival 2017

"Going to the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival in Broomfield Colorado was to say the least an amazing experience. To see that many vendors shops and clubs all in one place to celebrate our culture was a great experience.

Walking around you see people from all walks of life enjoying one common bond and I think that's important these days. I got to meet a lot of great people and hung out with some really good groups like the cigar Lordz here in Denver and meeting the people from Boyers coffee who I hope to get to talk to for many years to come. I'm excited to say Alpha got a really good response from everyone who tried our cigars. I look forward to Alpha Cigar Company becoming a household brand in our great state. And I look forward to being a bigger part of the festival next year. I would like to thank Smoker Friendly and all the other vendors for putting on a great event and taking care of the massive amounts of people that showed up.

As I'm sitting here smoking my defuser maduro and reflecting on last weekend's festivities all I can say is I'm proud to be the rep for Colorado. I can't imagine a better state to be in right now. I look forward to meeting all the shop owners and being a part of the local business. In finishing this little write-up I would like to say cheers to everyone involved and if you don't have Alpha in a shop near you currently expect to see us in the future. Long ashes everyone."

- James Sorlin-Davis, Alpha Cigar Rep


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