How to pair an Alpha Cigar properly

We are often asked what's the best beverage pairing for our subtly infused cigars. The truth is that our cigars are made from premium tobaccos, and though slightly infused, they smoke and pair very much like any premium cigar. It all comes down to personal preference. Whether it's rum or cognac, Absinthe cocktail, a bold California red wine, or plain old coffee, we encourage you to enhance your cigar experience by choosing a beverage that suits your tastes!

"Enjoyment and Inspiration" Beverage Pairing Competition

Our motto is "Enjoyment and Inspiration". If you have any beverage pairings that paired well with an Alpha Cigar you've smoked, or a theoretical pairing that would inspire us to try something different, tag us in a photo of your favorite pairing, or send the suggestion to us via email at This automatically enters you into the competition, and the winning pairing, which will be decided by the staff, will be featured on our website and reviewed by our staff in a video. The winner will also receive one of our signature #AlphaFamilia patches, and possibly other Cigar Swag:

Alpha Cigar Co. Patch and Connecticut Box Press

Sweet patch! And how about that, a box press connecticut!

Let's give you some great ideas to start out with: Our distributor in South East asia once paired our Connecticut with a pineapple cider, and the results were heavenly! To help you explore, we asked our staff what their favorite pairings are. 

Staff Picks for favorite beverage and Alpha Cigar pairings:

Timothy Cavenagh, Founder: 

My favorite non-alcoholic pairing is a refreshing Topo Chico mineral water, paired with an Absinthe Infused Connecticut. My favorite cocktail is an Absinthe mule with a top shelf Absinthe verte (Green Absinthe). To make an Absinthe Mule, simply follow your favorite Moscow Mule recipe, but replace the vodka with a premium Absinthe. 

Vince Miles, Pennsylvania Rep: 

"I found, a Hendricks Gin and tonic with a Maduro is a killer combo. The floral and herbal notes in the gin play well with the Absinthe in the cigar."

Erick Burkett, Ohio Rep and National Brand Ambassador Leader: 

"I love an Alpha box pressed Connecticut with a crisp clean hard cider."

James Sorlin Davis, Colorado Rep

The chocolate-absinthe infused Claro paired with a Great Divide Yeti. It’s a barrel aged stout. Any chocolate porter is always a great combo with the claro as it really helps bring out the coco!

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