The Guayabera Shirt - a Latino Icon and the Ultimate Cigar Smoker's Shirt.

Alpha Cigar Company's accessories partner, Y.A.Bera Clothing Co., produces the iconic Guayabera, a shirt that goes hand-in-hand with cigar culture, with a modern twist.

We sat down with the man behind the brand, Joe Jenovese, to talk a little about the inspiration behind Y.A.Bera and how the Guayabera ties into Cigar Culture. 

Y.A. Bera Guayabera Alpha Cigar Co.

Alpha Cigar: What are Guayaberas and what do they mean to you?

Joe: To keep it simple, the Guayabera Shirt is a lightweight button-up shirt with pin-tuck pleats, embroidery, and pockets. The Guayabera Shirt traditionally had 4 pockets, then versions created with only 2 pockets plus a cigar pocket or just the cigar pocket. This shirt has a rich history and is representative of a proud Latino culture. Being Cuban American myself born and raised in Miami Florida, the guayabera was practically daily wear for me. It was my uniform, beachwear, my formal wear, my super hero outfit.

Alpha Cigar: Why did you decide to start this company? 

Joe: As the times changed, style evolved, my expectations of a cool guayabera shirt just weren't being made. So I made it myself, and vowed to stay true to the iconic history the guayabera shirt. I updated the fit, added cool features, and sought out real artists to create unique designs to be embroidered onto our shirt. The guayabera shirt is iconic, I plan to make it a staple of every Man's wardrobe.

Alpha Cigar:  Can you tell our cigar-smoking fans how Guayaberas tie into cigar culture?

The guayabera shirt is for cigar smokers, from fields to ash. These shirts were, and still are widely used in the fields harvesting the tobacco leaves. The owner of that field, most likely wears his guayabera when out checking his tobacco, mainly because it's a lightweight linen that's breathable. Then we get to the Y.A.Bera Guayabera Shirt...Cigar Pocket at the chest, need we say more. Certain guayabera shirts have between 2-4 pockets which are perfect for those extra sticks. The shirt is literally made to enjoy the cigar lifestyle.

Where can we get Y.A.Bera Guayabera Shirts?

The Y.A.Bera Clothing Guayabera Shirt is exclusively available online at 

There you can view and shop the entire collection as well as connect with us. You can also view our different Y.A.Bera Clothing looks at

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