Entubar: Why our draw is always so smooth

If you needed another reason why Alpha Cigar Co. cigars are, pardon the pun, a cut above the rest, here's one:

Our craftsmen use a rolling technique known as "Entubar", a rare technique that is both time-consuming and involves great skill. Why is it better?

Cigar Advisor puts it best:

"According to Tobacconist University, Entubar (or “Entubado”) is a “bunching technique which rolls each filler leaf into itself, almost like a small scroll. Each individually “scrolled” leaf is then placed together to form the bunch. This skillful rolling technique creates a more firmly packed cigar which allows air to travel between all of the leaves, carrying more aromatics/flavors to the palate. Entubado rolling is the most difficult and complex bunching method and is therefore rarely employed in large scale manufacturing.” 

Simply put, using the Entubar style is our way of guaranteeing that each premium tobacco leaf in our blends have a chance to shine. To finish off, we add a triple cap to our cigars, one of the reasons why we chose Cerberus, the three-headed dog of Greek mythology, as our logo. 

To try out our cigars, ask your local tobacconist for an Alpha Cigar today. You can also find a list of video and written reviews here.  

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