Enjoyment and Inspiration.

Founded in 2014, Alpha Cigar Company is now one of the leading producers of premium, boutique Dominican Republic cigars. Leading the premium infused cigar category with its subtly aromatic Absinthe Infused cigar series, Alpha Cigar Company also offers traditional Cuban-style cigars of all shapes and sizes. Alpha Cigar company is dedicated to creating exciting cigars while respecting Cuban cigar making traditions. 

To understand our philosophy better, we highly recommend you read The Alpha Cigar Journey Booklet.

Download the Alpha Cigar Journey booklet here

Founders Timothy Cavenagh and Justin Gao Mathson Hansen have created a company run by people that are truly passionate about cigars and spirits, with cigar lines that are smoked by true cigar connoisseurs around the world. 

Founded on integrity and a desire to create an esprit de corps among cigar smokers worldwide, we extend a welcome hand to all who are curious about the world of premium cigars.

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Home of the original Absinthe Infused Cigar. Try the Absinthe Infused series or its sister cigars, the Alpha Cigar Co. Defuser cigar series at a tobacconist near you. .gallery-page img { float:left; padding:1em, 1em, 0, 0; };