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Cigar Audit Review of Absinthe Infused Maduro  Cigar Coop Alpha Cigar Review Absinthe Infused Claro Cigar review Stogierate Alpha Cigar ReviewCigar Hawk Blog Alpha Cigar ReviewDeveloping Palates Review of Alpha CigarThick Ash Magazine review of Alpha Cigar Company Alpha Cigar Noise Review of Alpha Cigar Co.

Defuser Connecticut review

Alpha Cigar rated 90 on Cigar Coop  Cigar Audit Alpha Cigar Review 94 rating  Cigar and Spirits Magazine Alpha Cigar Absinthe Infused Review

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Absinthe Infused Connecticut

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Absinthe Infused Maduro 

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Absinthe Infused San Andres Claro

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Defuser Series

Bob the Cigar Guy - Defuser Maduro video  

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Cigar Obsession - Defuser Maduro video  

Smooth Draw Review - Defuser Connecticut Box Press 

 Kap Kaplowitz - Defuser maduro

Media Releases

Half wheel IPCPR 2016

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Cigar Noise Video Interview


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