Don't take our word for it - listen to the experts. Here is a list of reviewers exploring the masterful blends we have created. 

Absinthe Infused Connecticut

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Smooth Draw

Stogie Rate

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Absinthe Infused San Andres Claro

Cigar Obsession - video

TNCC Podcast - video and written, podcast available on iTunes 

Developing Palates


Defuser Series

Bob the Cigar Guy - Defuser Maduro video  

Stogie Press - Defuser Claro

Cigar Obsession - Defuser Maduro video  


Media Releases

Half wheel IPCPR 2016

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Home of the original Absinthe Infused Cigar. Try the Absinthe Infused series or its sister cigars, the Alpha Cigar Co. Defuser cigar series at a tobacconist near you. .gallery-page img { float:left; padding:1em, 1em, 0, 0; };